Trivia nut? MyQuiz Master will help you pass the time with 1,000 questions covering every day topics such as Cinema, Songs, TV Shows and Sports. The Windows Phone app also offers trivia questions on Landmarks, Literature, Canada, France, Inventions and War.

You have a one player and two player mode and questions range from the easy,

"Who hosted Alfred Hitchcock presents?"

To the more difficult questions such as,

"When was infant formula invented?"

Each round of play consists of ten questions and the quicker you answer, the more points you earn. Questions do repeat but not frequently enough to become boring and it is our understanding the app will be updated in the future to add more questions into the mix.

There is a free trial available for MyQuiz Master with the full version running $2.99. If you like trivia games, MyQuiz Master is one to check out. You can find MyQuiz Master here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.