Nokia Lumia 950

We’re still unsure about the supposed “Lumia 950”, a successor of the 920 with some upped specs including 2GB of RAM, better battery life, Xenon flash and a higher megapixel camera which we reported on last week. But now, a new image of a supposed Lumia 950 in yellow has showed up.

Update: Turns out it's a knockoff device, called the "Lamia". Nothing to see here, folks.


The image is odd for a few reasons, which make us question if it’s the same device. For one, the front-facing camera is not in the same spot and two, this appears to have a curved screen as opposed to the more flat one we saw in the earlier image.

Indeed, it looks a lot like a Lumia 920 in yellow.

But if you look closely, the bezel is evenly spaced between the top and bottom, giving the buttons a bit less room. It appears that Nokia is switching up their design a bit, making the bezel more evenly proportional than the current line of Lumias where it’s 1/3 black at top and 2/3 black below the display. In addition, the “Nokia” logo at top is clearly a sticker but as we’ve previously mentioned, it is not uncommon to see stickers for buttons and logos on pre-production development devices.

A similar re-alignment of the bezel appears on the new Nokia Lumia 928, destined for Verizon.

Nokia Lumia 950
Not the same device?

Because of that we’re not sure what we’re looking at. The material appears to be the same polycarbonate plastic used on current Lumias, though perhaps it is thinner. But with only one angle and no other details, there’s not much else we can discern at this point.

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