myTube update fixes errors caused by the YouTube API

MyTube, one of our go-to third party YouTube apps on Windows Phone, picked up an update that brings some bug fixes along for the ride—most notably, a fix for errors caused the YouTube API saying the app is over its usage limit.

Here's the full breakdown of what's fixed in myTube version 2.1.5:

  • Work-around for YouTube API incorrectly saying app is over its usage limit (which caused errors randomly at certain times of the day)

  • Fix for bug that caused the app to clean it's cache while the cache was still fresh

  • Devices with different memory levels are now assigned different thumbnail qualities

While it's a minor update, users who were experiencing some annoying errors will no less get a bit of relief with this update (and bug fixes are nothing to scoff at). As always, you can grab the update from the store on your Windows Phone, or hit up the store link below.

Thanks to Sean for the tip!

Download mytube for Windows Phone ($0.99)

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