Microsoft made headlines earlier this season with the NFL exclusively using the Surface to help manage players and for strategy planning. Now it looks like the world's most famous racing circuit in the US is jumping on board too.

Today, Microsoft, and NASCAR are sharing their new partnership, specifically using Windows to power a new racecar inspection process. Previously, NASCAR relied on the old pencil and paper method for checklists, but now the group is outfitted with a Surfaces and some customized Windows software to help automate the tasks.

Besides being more efficient for data management, the app and Surface Pro 3 combo are estimated to save around 23,000 pages of paper each race season. From a Microsoft blog post boasting about the collaboration:

"The Mobile Inspection App also provides a dashboard view for Series Directors with real-time access to data. "With the dashboard in my office, I can monitor the progress of all 43 cars and the dynamic movements of what it takes to get ready for a race on race day," said Richard Buck, Managing Director, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

"Data entered directly into the Windows 8.1 app is available to the Competition Committee and Research and Development staff for analysis. Historical data is also presented through the application so that Officials can see the inspection history of a car, identifying trends and ensuring that past infractions have been corrected."

Microsoft is increasingly being more aggressive about official partnerships with various large scale organizations, including the aforementioned NFL, Delta Airlines, Pepsi Co., the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Samsung, and even NORAD for Christmas.

Source: Microsoft