Nasty Nutz is a jumper styled game for your Windows Phone that has you battling mutated hazelnuts from outer space. The mutated nuts are infecting squirrels and you play the role of the only squirrel immune to the nasty nut infection.

There are twenty levels to the game and your job is to devour the invading hazelnuts. You don't wait for the nuts to come to you, you jump up the screen taking the fight to them. You start by tapping the screen for that initial jump and as you take out a nut, you jump higher. You jump from nut to nut, climbing the screen until you take out your quota of nuts (listed on the side of the screen.

You guide your jumps by tilting the phone left or right. If you miss a nut and start to fall, you can tap the screen for a power jump to give you a fighting chance to reach a nut and continue your journey.  You advance to the next level by taking out a set number of nuts which is indicated to the right of the game screen.  Just below this number is your power jump energy bar.  The more power, the higher your power jump.

Nasty Nutz has an online leaderboard, a bonus level and the "Zombuoulette" mini game. Game play was nice but it took a while to pick up the power jumps and timing to have a decent chance of moving up the levels.  Until you get the hang of things, Nasty Nutz can be frustrating as well as challenging.  It almost comes across as too hard until you get the hang of things.  Then again, I've never been that good at jumper games.

All in all, Nasty Nutz is a fast paced game that is worth a try. There is a free trial available for Nasty Nutz and the full version will run you $.99. Remember, it is a Mango App so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

You can find Nasty Nutz here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.