NAVIGON has updated its Windows Phone apps for both Europe and the US to version 4.6. This latest release takes advantage of text to speech for the app to read out street names to the user. As well as both apps sporting new functionality, the development team has also fixed a number of bugs that were present and has improved stability and performance. 

NAVIGON Cockpit is also now available as an in-app purchase. The apps that have been bumped to the latest version were previously updated for Windows Phone 8, but NAVIGON Australia hasn't yet been updated to 4.6 - we're not sure as to when this is expected to roll out. NAVIGON enables Windows Phone owners to make use of rich navigation and downloadable maps. 

Navigon Europe

You can download both NAVIGON apps from the Windows Phone Store for $29.99 (US version) and £51.49 (European version). Do note that NAVIGON Europe contains maps for forty European countries, while the US version spans all fifty States, but not Canada.

Thanks, Charles, for the heads up!