As the NBA Finals head into Game Two tonight, you can follow all the action from your Windows Phone. NBA Game Time 2011 is a free app over at the Marketplace that will give you access to scores, highlights and news surrounding the Playoffs.

Key features include:

  • Live Scores from every Playoff game
  • Highlight videos from every playoff game
  • Full Playoff Schedule
  • Playoff Bracket Box Score and Team Stats for every Playoff game
  • Series Views from Every Playoff Series
  • Deeper Player Stats

Okay... so it's a little late to the party but it's a clean looking, informative app. If your a fan of the Heat or the Mavs (or the NBA in general), NBA Game Time 2011 should help keep you informed during the Championship Series.

Again, NBA Game Time 2011 is a free application and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Amir for the tip!