NCIS The TV Game

Back in August, Game House, the makers of Doodle Jump and Tiki Towers, informed WPCentral that they had five mobile Xbox Live titles in the works. These included Collapse!, Delicious!, TextTwist 2, Cake Mania Main Street, and NCIS: The TV Game. And now, for better or worse, three of those titles won’t be attaining Xbox Live status.

Collapse! is already available (with super easy Achievements to boot) and TextTwist 2 is still coming to Xbox Live, so it’s the other three titles that Game House will publish as indie games. In fact, NCIS: The TV Game recently arrived in the Marketplace at the lower-than-Xbox Live cost of $1.99.

Many developers either publish Xbox Live games or indie games, but not both. In this case, Game House basically looked at the three games and decided that retooling them as Xbox Live titles would be more trouble than it’s worth. They have also decided to publish their indie games under the Real Networks label rather than Game House Live like their Xbox Live titles.

This switch may disappoint Achievement fans, but the subject matter of the games probably wouldn’t have greatly appealed to the more hardcore members of the Xbox Live crowd. On the plus side, we’ve learned that Game House has a secret Xbox Live title in the works that many of our readers will dig. Hopefully we can talk about it soon.

NCIS: The TV Game is a hidden-object game with some minigames and mystery thrown in for good measure. It costs $1.99; unfortunately there is no trial. Fans of the show can pick the game up here on the Marketplace.

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