Though there is an official GasBuddy app in the Marketplace it lacks quite a lot of features. In that sense, we're always glad to see 3rd parties step up and fill the void.

Gas Up Free is now available for you to get started on finding the lowest gas prices around you. The app is laid out quiet nicely and features individual gas stations that are pinnable to your Start screen. That's pretty cool if you have a favorite station and want to keep tabs on the price. The app will update once a day and you have as many tiles as you want (one for home, one for work, one for near the mistress). Other features include:

  • search with current location
  • create your own searches
  • create favorites
  • sorting option
  • show route
  • report prices
  • visual decision support

Not bad. Our only complaints are you cannot switch between km and miles and the search radius is not selecting, meaning you're stuck with the default. Other than those minor things though, it's a pretty solid app and the Live Tiles make it an easy sell. You can of course login to your GasBuddy account through this too, making the official app less than necessary.

You can pick up Gas Up Free here in the Marketplace (ad supported) or opt for the ad-free experience, which will set you back $1.99 here.

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