Need for Speed

Update: Ghost Games has announced that the PC version of Need for Speed has been delayed until sometime in the spring of 2016. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 dates remain the same for November 3.

Original story: Electronic Arts is planning to launch its reboot of the Need for Speed racing series this fall. Now, it's UK page is taking sign-ups for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners to participate in a closed beta test for the game.

While the closed beta sign-ups are only available on the UK site, it's also open to residents of the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. The sign-ups will end on September 25. There's no word on what kind of content will be included in the beta test, which apparently will not be available for the PC version of the game.

The final game, which is being developed by EA's Ghost Games studio in the UK, will be released on November 3 and will feature racers driving around in what looks like a fictional version of Los Angeles. It will also feature live-action cut-scenes that will include appearances by drivers like Magnus Walker, Ken Block, and more.

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