Lumia 920

Negri Electronics, a retailer in the US, has opened up Lumia 920 pre-orders with a price tag of $698.59. The unlocked Windows Phone, available at the online store in yellow, will be available to consumers on supported networks. Unfortunately no shipping or release date estimations have been provided.

Should the pricing hold out, $700 for a brand new Windows Phone 8 handset would be a killer deal for anyone interested in Nokia's flagship device. AT&T is reported to hold the Lumia 920 exclusively for 6 months, so going unlocked is the way to go should you desire the handset on another network.

We previously held a poll on which colour Windows Phone Central readers would likely choose should they purchase a Lumia 920. The majority chose cyan, with black coming in second closely followed by yellow. The third result is a popular choice, and we believe it will offer consumers something unique in a mobile phone when coupled with the array of features.

Negri Lumia 920

To recap on the specifications of the Lumia 920, the Windows Phone sports a 4.5" PureMotion HD+ display, 32GB storage, support for LTE, 8.7MP camera with PureView technology, wireless charging, NFC, 1GB RAM, dual-core CPU, and runs Windows Phone 8. It's a sizeable handset with a bright and vibrant display.

We're not entirely sure how reliable of a source Negri Electronics is, so be sure to take this any way desired and we cannot take any responsibility when placing an order. If you'd rather go with a brand that's trustworthy then be sure to check out the Windows Phone area on Best Buy's website, which is now offering both the Lumia 920 ($599, unactivated - not unlocked)) and HTC 8X on AT&T.

Source: Negri Electronics, via: @zaeentech; thanks everyone who tipped us!