Agendus for Windows Mobile, from iambic Inc., is now available in version 3.0 in both WM Standard and Professional versions. Agendus is a very popular feature-rich Personal Information Manager (PIM) alternative for your Windows Mobile device.

iambic is promising that this latest version is "chock-full of features and improvements" - sounds very promising! Agendus consolidates your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks into one application with powerful functionality. Whether you are familiar with Agendus or not, here is a list of features you'll find in version 3.0:

  • 13 Unique Calendar Views, including a comprehensive Today view with new "quick action" buttons.
  • 4 Unique Contact Views Modes, including the new Business Card Mode and Photo Dial Mode.
  • Compact Task View with various sorting, grouping, and filtering options.
  • Customizability. Full icon, photo, and color support.
  • New Contact, Meeting and Task Card Views containing a summary of the entry and hyperlinks for phone numbers, email and web addresses.
  • Create and save Meeting, Task and Call Templates.
  • New Free Time Finder. Have Agendus search your calendar for available time slots.
  • and Much More!

You can pick up Agendus 3.0 for WM Professional for $24.95 here and for WM Standard for $19.95 here