Bing shopping

As the holiday shopping season gets into full gear this week, Microsoft has decided to roll out some new features and public betas for Bing users to give them a better online shopping experience.

Microsoft says:

"Bing is bringing you some relief by adding more data to product images, including prices for the same item sold at different stores, reviews and ratings and store availability. We're rolling this out to desktop and mobile devices over the next few days, at which time all you need to do is search for an item on Bing Images, look for the shopping cart icon and scroll down to the "Places to Buy Beta." Bing also shows you visually similar products to the one you're looking at in case your original search is a little out of your desired price range."

Microsoft is also publicly testing a new feature that shows an image stream of items that have been favorited on Bing by each user. Microsoft says:

"If you're not familiar with the favorite feature, it's the ability to search and save the images that catch your eye. We've extended this feature to mobile so you can use it while on the go. Just tap the heart icon to add an image to your favorites. To get started, click on the Images link underneath the Bing search box to see our updated images landing page."

Windows 10 users already can use the Microsoft Edge web browser to receive alerts for new coupons from over 100 different retailers via Cortana by surfing to their websites.

Source: Microsoft