Onyu is the contact managing app of the future and it wants to enlist you to beta test its upcoming app for Windows Phone. Onyu touts itself as a central secure location for you to store, manage, and share all of your contact details.

When you update your Onyu profile with your newest phone number or latest address all of your friends, family, and business associates will instantly be updated on the latest changes. Onyu's goal is to eliminate the hassle of having to text or email all of your contacts of your newest info.

Onyu also gives you full control of what information each contact is allowed to see. Also if you can't find some contact information you are looking for, Onyu allows you to easily request that information. It is then up to that person to decide whether you're worthy or not to see the requested info.

Starting today, Onyu has turned to twitter to look for beta testers for its app on Windows Phone. If you are interested in beta testing the app, send an email to beta@onyu.com. The app is expected to go live for public use sometime before Christmas.