During today's Build 2016 keynote address, Microsoft showed off some upcoming features coming to the Cortana digital assistant. They will be included as part of the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update that's due later this summer

Microsoft says there are close to 1,000 Cortana app integrations already available for Windows 10 and the Windows Store now has a new Cortana app collection. For the Anniversary update, Cortana can be access to the Windows 10 lock screen as an overlay with a blurred background. Cortana will also help to schedule appointments in Outlook It will look, with permission, at a user's email and calendar. Cortana will be able to understand conversation and automatically adds info to conversation, such as airline flights.

Cortana will also be able to send out reminders from those conversations, such as "Send Chuck the PowerPoint I worked on last night." It will be able to track notifications across devices, including from Android phones. It can also respond to SMS from PC to Android, add meetings to calendar, and move conflicting events.

Cortana can also make proactive action with a "team of experts", such as the apps and services that developers have made that can plug into Cortana and extend its knowledge. Cortana can turn receipts from emails into expense reports. It can also do a lot of this from the phone. It can also user location tracking as a reference to your past, such as, "What toy store did I go to last year at Build?

Stay tuned as we will have more news from the Build 2016 keynote throughout the day.