One of the most acclaimed games for the Xbox 360, Crackdown, is getting a new installment on Microsoft's Xbox One console. The company used its E3 2014 press event to announce the new open world game, which will apparently also be called Crackdown.

The announcement trailer doesn't show any real gameplay footage, but it looks like it does continue the over-the-top superhero action from the previous installments, combined with a cel-shaded comic book art style. Players will be taking control of agents in a futuristic city once again and this time it looks like they will be able to destroy entire building in this open gameplay world.

The announcement didn't reveal a release date for the new game, but it will have David Jones, who helped to create the original 2007 Crackdown Xbox 360 game at the now defunct Realtime Worlds, back in charge of the new title working with his new company Cloudgine.

Source: Microsoft