Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 had a good month in October 2014 as the latest PC operating system market share data from Net Applications shows that the year old operating system upgrade from Microsoft went up to 10.92 percent last month, much higher than its 6.67 percent share in September.

The rise of Windows 8.1 by over four percentage points month-to-month wasn't the only surprise in Net Applications' stats. It also showed that Windows XP went down considerably as well, from 23.87 percent in September to just 17.18 percent in October. Microsoft ended its official support for Windows XP in April but it now appears that a lot more individuals and companies that used that 13 year old operating system are finally upgrading to a new version of Windows.

Windows 7 continues to be the number one PC operating system with a commanding 53.05 percent share in October, which is slightly higher than the 52.71 percent share it held in October. Windows 8 is in fourth place with 5.88 percent in October, slightly higher than September's 5.59 percent. Combined, Windows 8 and 8.1 now hold 16.8 percent of the OS market share for PCs, up from 12.26 percent in September.

While Microsoft launched a public version of its Windows 10 Technical Preview in October, the install base was apparently not large enough for Net Applications to record any market share numbers for that OS. Have you recently bought a Windows 8.1 PC for work or school?

Source: Net Applications