Outlook Web App

It's no secret that Microsoft is moving to be a devices and services company. Microsoft will need to embrace more platforms as it makes this momentous pivot. Which is why the company today has announced that it is releasing Outlook Web App for Android. We already have OWA for iPhone users. Now Android employees who work at a business using Office 365 for Business can use the app.

Microsoft didn’t just announce OWA for Android this week at Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin. They’re also introducing a variety of new features for Outlook Web App in Office 365.

Outlook Web App is a webmail service that’s part of Microsoft Exchange Server. It gives companies’ access to internal email, calendars, contacts, tasks, documents and much more. Here’s what’s coming to OWA soon:

  • Clutter
  • Enhanced Document Collaboration
  • Groups
  • OWA for Android

Clutter is a codename of a feature coming to OWA. The goal is to help remove unimportant mail from the inbox of users. Clutter works by using the intelligence learning of Office Graph, a feature announced recently that’s uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to connect you to relevant documents and conversations within your company.

Microsoft has also introduced enhanced documentation collaboration using OWA. Basically you can easily share files stored in the cloud as email attachments. Groups is a OWA feature to enable easier collaboration and work with other in the company.

Anyone out there using Office 365 for Business? Looking forward to the changes and finally letting your coworkers on Android join in on the phone? Sound off.

Source: Office Blog Via: WinSuperSite