While we're still delving in to all the little changes of the combo NoDo + Firmware (2103.11.3.3) Focus update, it's really the latter that is a bit more interesting due to the mini, undocumented "fixes" on board.

We've found at least two so far, but know there have to be more. Still, these two are awwwwesome, to say the least:

  • Capacitive buttons are temporarily disabled to prevent accidental "clicks": before the update, if you had an app open and you put your finger on the screen and dragged it down to the capacitive button area, you'd activate those buttons. Now you do not. This is huge for gaming on the Focus, to say the least. (Go ahead, try it. We'll wait...)
  • Camera auto defaults to "anti-shake": this was a no brainer, the Focus has an anti-shake setting on it, so why would you not want that enabled by default? Evidently, Samsung saw the light on this and now it's on automatically, resulting we think in a higher percentage of steady shots
  • No more Couch Potato: Shortly after the Samsung Focus hit the market, we learned that the screen was non-responsive when laying down on a soft surface such as a couch pillow (here's our video).  Post-Nodo this is no longer a problem.  WPCentral Reader Alan tipped us on this and sure enough, the Focus's screen is responsive in your hand, on a hard surface or when chilling out on a pillow.

Find anything else that is unique to this firmware (not NoDo)? Hit us up in comments and we'll post 'em.