So long as the carriers delay the NoDo update, it looks like people will find a way to force it to happen. Earlier we showed you how to do it on the T-Mobile US HD7, now some folks have figured out how to force it on unbranded/carrier unlocked devices, including the Omnia 7 and 7 Pro. [Update: but others are reporting it not working on the Surround or Mozart, in short, your mileage may vary]

While not hard per se, it is a bit tricky and involves evidently spoofing the Zune server into pushing you the update. One thing is certain, timing is everything as you need to make sure your data connection is turned off at the right moment.

We obviously haven't tried this ourselves, so we encourage you to be careful, but it at least appears many are having success in using this method. Check out the directions after the break and read what others are saying at XDA about it here.

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  1. Connect your phone to the PC
  2. Disable WLAN in your phone but be sure to have FLIGHT MODE off
  3. Start Zune and keep it running all the time
  4. Switch to your carrier settings on the phone
  5. Manually search for an update within Zune
  6. After a few seconds (about 10-15 seconds for me) disable data transfer on the already opened settings tab on your phone --> The update shows up!
Source: XDA, DawnRazrBlade; Thanks, @yfbc, @Kostija, for the heads up