A new promo video for the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset shows off the HoloTour app, and how people can use it to not only view a real place as if they were there, but also go back in time and view how it looked thousands of years ago.

The video, as posted on the official HoloLens YouTube channel, shows how the team at Microsoft went to locations such as Rome and Machu Picchu to take 360-degree videos for the HoloTour app. However, it goes further than just giving the wearer a way to view those locations. The app also can let them view things like ancient ceremonies on the Machu Picchu city, or a gladiator fight while sitting in the Roman Coliseum. This turns the HoloLens into something like a time machine, where the viewer can experience things that they normally could not do, even if they were at the real locations.

The Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, which is targeting businesses and software developers, is currently available at the U.S. Microsoft Store site for $3,000.

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