Update: JGold is right in the comments - I think that 914 is Pro/touchscreen, should have trusted my gut instead of conflicting reports out there. Also, looks like the "4" at the end of those titles was wrong - they're official now as the 910 and 610, among other iPaqs:

So, here's the details. The HP 910 is the big mutha - Quad-band UMTS, WiFi, GPS, QWERTY keyboard, Touchscreen/Pro Edition, and the Cisco VOIP stuff baked right in (Yay!). The 610 is the same deal but with a standard 9-key pad, portrait display, and the cool scroll wheel. Pricing should be around 600 clams.

HP also released three traditional iPaq PDAs without phones built-in. Yeah, people are still buying PDAs, I guess, but ever fewer of them.

Original article (complete with pretty pictures and inaccurate speculation!) after the jump. Also after the jump, a demo video of the iPaq 610.

First we had small, blurry thumnails, now we have awesome photos of the new iPaqs. The headliner is definitely the Treo iPaq 914, with it's high-end specs (GPS + WiFi + 3G + 3mp camera == high end) and equally high-end price, $800ish. It's Standard Edition, though, if you want a touchscreen get the 614c with its fancy scroll-keypad. Expect them to hit in October(!), though the 914 may have to wait until November, according to Engadget.

Unknown at this point is whether or not they'll include HP's sweet VOIP software that they've released on previously-seen iPaqs, but here's to hoping that if they get carrier support, said carriers won't make them take it out.

Full pics after the break.

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iPaq 914:

iPaq 614c: