There's hint that Verizon may be bringing one of the new HTC phones that appeared in the 2009 device lineup that leak a few weeks ago. Pocketnow is reporting that a Verizon HTC phone has been mentioned over at the GSM Global Certification Forum. The model XV6175 is mentioned as supporting quad-band GSM, qualifying it as world phone compliant. The connection goes something like this: Verizon traditionally brands its devices with a XV prefix and has been known to carry phones capable of global roaming, which ties the international service to Verizon's partners.

While it remains a mystery which device the XV6175 may actually be, three leading candidates seem to have emerged: the Cedar, Whitestone and Twin. The Cedar and Whitestone have been rumored to be headed to Verizon, so they're the stronger candidates. The Twin is world phone-capable, but there are no rumors having this phone headed to Verizon. At this point, everything is conjecture beyond the fact that an HTC device, model XV6175 will be a world phone. And tomorrow that may even change. We'll keep our ear to the ground and as things develop, we'll keep ya' posted.