Samsung ATIV SE

Last Sunday we were treated to a render of Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device. It’s called the ATIV SE, but was previously known as the both the Samsung Huron and SM-W750V. Specs are still scarce on the ATIV SE. Though we do have a new look at it today thanks to Twitter leaker evleaks.

This is a darker shade compared to the ATIV SE we saw earlier this week. You can compare the two below.

Samsung ATIV SE backs

You’ll have to let us know which you prefer. The lighter shade on the left or the darker one on the right. Or would your rather skip this Samsung device altogether and wait for something from Nokia. The ATIV SE is expected to hit Verizon, though you probably could have guessed that with the giant Verizon logo on the device. 

Source: @evleaks