For those familiar with our site, you’ll know we have some developers whose work we consider to be generally the crème of the crop. Rudy Huyn is one of those and he released his new app recently aptly titled Wikipedia (his other apps include TVShow, Friend Tracker, 9Gag and Fuse)

Long story short, Rudy previously had a similar app called MyEncyclopedia. MyEncyclopedia was actually part of a contest involving the carrier Orange. Huyn wanted to control the app and updates  though so he was going to relist it under his account but alas, the developer-bug got him and he decided to redo the whole thing making it even nicer than ever.

WP Central

Well, mission accomplished.

Wikipedia is a gorgeous little app that has no ads and is completely free—just like Wikipedia itself. The app has many functions that make it “complete” but really it’s the well thought out design that turns our head. Some of those functions though are:

  • View wikipedia articles around your location
  • Search in 100 languages
  • Offline mode to view article without Internet connection
  • Display the summary of the article
  • Find your favorite articles
  • View previous versions of article
  • Simply share a article on Facebook, Twitter, by mail or by generating a QRCode
  • Support Pocket (formerly Read It Later) and Instapaper

Like we said, there’s little not to like about this app so if you use Wikipedia and want added functionality, just peep our video above or head right here to the Marketplace to get it now.

QR: Wikipedia