Windows Store Card tweet

A new leak has been published on Twitter by the account @Nawzil8. The tweet shows an image detailing what we can expect to see with the upcoming Windows Store gift cards. Said cards have been covered previously, so while we recommend you take this with a grain of salt, it's certainly plausible. Microsoft has added the option in Windows Phone Wallet, signalling to the ability to load said cards onto a Microsoft account, which will then be reflected in the Windows Phone hub.

Rum: 7

According to the image above, the Windows Store gift cards will launch alongside Windows 8.1, the major OS update that will be sent out to Windows 8 consumers. These cards will be used for apps, games and other content. Redeemed on a Microsoft Account, you'll be able to spend the credit on the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and the Xbox Store. Essentially it's a multi-platform gift card covering the major systems. The cards will be available as physical products in-store.

Finally, you'll be able to grab $10, $25 and $50 editions.

Source: Twitter (@Nawzil8); thanks, Dan, for the tip!