The newly announced Lumia 530 smartphone is the subject of some new promotional videos from Microsoft, made for the European audience, that shows off the features in the upcoming budget priced Windows Phone 8.1 device and also compares it to many similarly priced Android phones.

One of the clips is a quick and colorful skim of the phone, showing off how it looks while running apps like Facebook, MixRadio, Instagram and others. It also shows the phone connected to the just announced Bang mini speaker by Coloud.

The other new video shows how the Lumia 530's hardware specs compare to Android phones that are priced around 100 euros. They include the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, the Motorola Moto E, the LG Optimus LS II and more. The video shows that the Lumia 530 is the only one among Microsoft's list of cheap Android phones that has a quad core 1.2 GHz processor and a microSD card slot that can handle up to 128 GB of extra storage, along with the free MixRadio streaming music app and access to full mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

As we have reported earlier, the Lumia 530 will be released sometime in August worldwide, including the US. T-Mobile is the only wireless carrier so far that has confirmed plans to sell the phone.

What do you think of these new promo videos, especially the one that tries to make the claim the Lumia 530 beats out many cheap Android phones?

Source: Nokia on YouTube