One of Microsoft's newest Windows Phone 8.1 devices, the Lumia 735, should slowly be available for many European residents over the next few weeks. Now it looks like the heavy promotion for the smartphone has begun with a new TV commercial made for Italy that has some strange visuals to promote its five megapixel "selfie" front facing camera.

The clip shows people at special events with parts of their body removed, like a woman's head that looks like it has been sliced while she tries to blow out her birthday candles, or a soccer player who has nearly half of his body cut off when presented with a trophy.

Of course, this strange behavior is supposed to show that many "selfie" photos with low megapixel front smartphone cameras can tend to cut off its subjects. Microsoft is trying to sell the Lumia 735 (and its brother the Lumia 730) with the idea that won't happen with its 5MP front camera lens and asks people to "stop the violence" by getting the phone.

What do you think of this new TV ad for the Lumia 735 and does it sell the idea of its "selfie" camera effectively?

Source: NokiaITA on YouTube