Early in 2009, Microsoft Office Labs showed off a video showing where they (and we) hope to be in ten-years with all our technology. No small feat considering just how fast this stuff is moving (the HTC PPC-6700 was only 5 years ago).

At about 2:12 in that video, it shows a man walking in an airport and he pulls out his mobile phone which is basically all screen...actually it's two screens that can separate and operate independently of each other, but in conjunction with the OS. In the video, he looks up airport directions and then take a video call.

Cool stuff. So cool in fact Microsoft has gone out and literally patented the idea, hopefully planning to bring such a fantasy to reality by...well...2019:

A motion of a first module of the dual module portable device may be detected. Based at least in part on the detected motion, a position of the first module may be determined relative to the second module of the portable device. Once the relative position of the first module has been determined, a portion of a user interface associated with the relative position may be displayed at the first module.

Yeah, that's what we said above patent-office, thanks.

Check out the whole video after the break to see it in action.

[via I'm Just Being Manan]