Going to a Microsoft Store retail location is one of the best ways to get hands-on with the latest devices from Microsoft and its partners. Now the company is using its store employees in a series of new videos that have them attempt to answer questions from Twitter users about Microsoft products like Windows Phone and the Surface Pro 3.

In one of the clips, a store employee gives an answer to "@MarleyKristin from Twitter" about what's so great about Windows Phone. Most of the answer refers to the Cortana digital assistant as a big factor.

Another video has the same employee telling "@laxer1215" the benefits of getting a Surface Pro 3 over a MacBook. The bullet points in the answer include the fact that the Surface Pro 3 can be used as a stand alone tablet as well as a laptop with the optional keyboard, the included Surface Pen for note taking, its large HD screen and how light it is.

Do you think these videos do a good job in convincing consumers on the fence to try out a Windows Phone device or a Surface Pro 3?

Source: Microsoft Store on YouTube