For business-people and travellers that are on the go, nothing says "Buy this smartphone" like 6 huge screens showing off major features of the latest ultra-portable computing device (a.k.a. a smartphone) from Nokia. The Handheld Blog has taken a nice video of the Nokia Lumia 800 ad while it was running near Departures at Terminal 5 of the Heathrow Airport in London, England.

It's done in a similar style to other ads and demo videos that we've seen pop up around the web, and focuses on the features that travellers would be most interested in; voice-guided car navigation, easy to use camera, managing office documents on-the-go. fast internet browsing, and of course the ability to connect with your friends no matter where you are through social networks. The ad is beautiful, fairly descriptive and will likely draw a lot of eyes - a great thing in a world filled with advertisements already.

With only two weeks left before the handset is made available, we'll likely see more than just a few airport ads released. If they are as eye-catching as this one, you won't hear many complaints from us. Check the video above to see the 1-minute long ad, and let us know if you've seen other ads around the country in the comments below.

Source: The Handheld Blog; Thanks, Mo for the tip!