Windows 10

The Windows 10 Technical Preview has started showing up in the operating system market share numbers from Net Applications, in their recently revealed statistics for December. However, those same numbers display a loss in market share for Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 is now being used by 0.06% of all PCs worldwide, according to Net Applications' data, which is gathered by unique visitors to the websites it monitors. As expected, Windows 10's share is very small due to its preview status, but that share is expected to grow slowly in the months ahead as Microsoft will release more stable preview builds, leading up to its commercial release sometime in late 2015.

As far as Microsoft's current and older versions of Windows, December saw a loss in market share for Windows 8.1, which had been gaining share over the past few months. December saw its share drop to 9.49%, well below that of November's 12.10%. The older Windows 8 claimed 4.04% in December, which again is a drop from 6.55% in November.

Windows 7 remains the top used operating system for PCs, with a 56.26% share in December, up from 53.71% in November. Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, had an 18.26% share in December, higher than the 13.57% it had in November.

Source: Net Applications