Windows 8.1

The research firm Net Applications has posted its desktop operating system market share numbers for May 2015, showing both a big gain for Windows 8.1 worldwide along with another big drop for the 13-year old Windows XP. In fact, if the current trends continue, Windows XP could lose its second place slot to Windows 8.1 as early as June.

Net Applications, which gathers its data by monitoring PC access to thousands of websites, says that in May, Windows 8.1 had 12.88% of the desktop PC OS market share worldwide. That's that a big jump compared to its 11.16% share in April. Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Microsoft, is still in second place but its market share went down to 14.60% in May, well below its 15.93% share in April.

Windows 8.1 gained over a percentage point from April to May, according to Net Applications' data, and Windows XP lost over a percentage point in the same time frame. Based on their current position in the market share data, if Windows 8.1 gains just one percentage point in June and Windows XP loses the same amount, that would put Windows 8.1 in the second place slot ahead of Windows XP for the first time since it officially launched in October 2013.

Windows 7 remained the number one used PC operating system in May with a market share of 57.76%, a drop compared to its 58.39% share in April. The older Windows 8 claimed 3.57% in May, slightly ahead of its 3.50% share in April. Windows Vista had just a 2.01% market share in May, again slightly ahead of its 1.95% share in April. The preview version of Windows 10 was used by 0.13% of all PCs in May, compared to its 0.09% share in April.

Source: Net Applications