Windows 8.1

Net Applications has posted its desktop operating system market share numbers for February 2015, showing a slight gain for Windows 8.1 worldwide. However, it also shows that the 13 year old Windows XP also went up in its market share, 10 months after Microsoft cut support for the OS.

Net Applications, which gathers its data by monitoring PC access to thousands of websites, says that in February 2015 Windows 8.1 had 10.49% percent of the OS market share, compared to 10.04% in January. Windows 8 claimed 3.55% percent during February, down from 3.79% in January. Windows XP had a 19.15% share in February, which is up compared to 18.93% in January.

Windows 7 is still being used by a majority of desktop PCs, with a 55.99% share in February, up from 55.92% in January. Windows Vista had just 2.11% in February. The preview version of Windows 10 is now being used by 0.08% of all PC worldwide, up from 0.05% in January.

Source: Net Applications