Microsoft is once again slamming Siri in the latest promotional video for both the Lumia 635 smartphone and the Cortana digital assistant for Windows Phone 8.1.

The 2 minute clip shows a group therapy session, and it's clear that its members have some serious issues with Siri and how it responds to its requests. One person mentions Cortana and how it is supposed to grow with its user and learn about its interests, and by the end of the video it shows that the other members don't appreciate being blindsided by this revelation.

The promo video is notable in the fact that neither the Lumia 635 nor Cortana are shown at all, but it still does a good job of showcasing the problems many people have with the iPhone's Siri assistant. What do you think of this latest commercial for the Lumia 635 and Cortana?

Source: Nokia US on YouTube