Internet Explorer

Windows 10 will reportedly have two different web browsers for desktop users when it is released in the fall of 2015. One will be the current Internet Explorer 11 for backward-compatibility with older websites, while the other will be a brand new, light-weight browser that is currently being developed under the code name "Spartan".

The report comes from the usually reliable Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet, where she cites her unnamed sources inside Microsoft. Both browsers will still use versions of Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript engine and its Trident rendering engine. The new browser, which Foley hints won't be called Internet Explorer 12 when it is released, is rumored to have a new flat user interface similar to Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox. Reportedly browser extensions are also supported.

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The new "Spartan" browser will also be released for the mobile version of Windows 10, according to Foley. While it may be demoed to the press as part of Microsoft's big Windows 10 media event on January 21 in Redmond, Foley suggests that it won't be ready for the public to try out when the company launches its Windows 10 January Technical Preview and the first mobile preview builds which are expected to launch in early 2015.

Source: ZDNet