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A new rumor from a usually reliable outlet claims that Microsoft may abandon production of its ARM-based Surface tablets in favor of its Intel-based Surface Pro lineup. The report would seem to refute rumors that the company is preparing to launch a new Surface 3 ARM-based tablet.

Today's report comes from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, who is perhaps the most well connected journalist that covers the Microsoft beat. In a new article that concentrates mostly on Microsoft's statements supporting the Surface Pro 3, she posts a statement at the end that says, according to her own unnamed sources, Microsoft is not planning to release a new Surface 3 or a revamped version of the Surface mini tablet, which Microsoft cancelled earlier this year before it was announced.

Foley then ends her article with this note: "In fact, I've heard from one of my trusted sources that Microsoft's Surface strategy, going forward, will be to focus on Intel and to cease production of any future ARM-based Surfaces. But that's only from one source, I'd note."

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We certainly think that Microsoft would have announced a new Surface 3 tablet by now if it wanted to get it in stores in time for the holiday season. As far as Microsoft shutting down the ARM-based Surface tablets altogether, that's also very possible as more seven and eight inch tablets are coming out from third party OEMs that use Intel processors and run Windows 8.1. Those products can also run legacy programs, unlike the ARM-based Windows RT.

Do you think Microsoft should stop making Surface tablets that use ARM-based chips?

Source: ZDNet