Lumia phones

A new report says that Windows Phone app downloads got a slight spike of 10 percent during the Christmas 2014 period of December 25-26, compared to December 24, indicating an increase in new activations for Windows Phone devices.

App Installs

AdDuplex, which has an in-app advertising SDK for Windows Phone apps, also used their statistics to show the number of app installs for individual devices. They stated:

On the fist glance it could look sensational that BLU's phone more than doubled in number of installs on Christmas, but the key here is that its total installs per day are in the hundreds compared to thousands and tens of thousands for Lumia models. It is great to see that many of you got Lumia 735 for Christmas – a really great value phone. If we look at the growth in absolute numbers it is all in the lower end: Lumia 530, 520, 630, 635 and 625. With Lumia 735 at #6 and BLU Win HD at #19.


This news follows a report from another app analytic company, Flurry, who reports that new activations of Microsoft's Lumia devices were third during the Christmas week period of 2014, beaten only by Apple and Samsung products.

Source: AdDuplex