Xbox One

A new rumor claims that Microsoft will add some kind of TV DVR features to its Xbox One console, possibly by the end of 2015. The news comes in the wake of Microsoft confirming that it will not provide the Windows Media Center features in Windows 10.

Paul Thurrott, who has covered the Microsoft beat for a long time and has sources inside the company, mentions the Xbox One TV DVR addition in his post about the end of Windows Media Center today.

"Of course, many Media Center fans actually use the product to record and watch TV shows via Media Center PCs in the living room. Microsoft's solution for this need will apparently be the Xbox One, though the console currently only provides live TV watching, but not recording. My sources tell me that will change, and most probably this year, to include TV recording."

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Microsoft has promoted the Xbox One as a TV set-top box since its launch, offering users a way to watch live television through the console, along with their their current TV listings in the UI. Microsoft sells an optional digital TV tuner for the Xbox One in Europe and recently added support for over-the-air TV tuners in the US and Canada.

However, the current 500GB hard drive size for the Xbox One could be an issue for any DVR feature as Xbox One owners will likely have games and other media stored on the drive already. If Microsoft were to add this feature in an upcoming software update, owners will likely have to purchase an external hard drive to store their TV recordings.

Thanks to Brent for the tip!