A new report on the status of Cortana for the next version of Windows, code name "Threshold", has surfaced on Neowin, with the claim that development of the digital assistant for Microsoft's PC operating system is moving forward towards a possible final integration.

There have been major hints that Cortana would be added to the next version of Windows in the past, according to recent job listings at the company. Today's report points out that Microsoft could still pull Cortana from the final version Threshold but at the moment it claims, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has put Cortana on the more stable release development schedule for the next version of Windows. It adds that at the moment, Cortana is an app on Threshold and takes up about 25 percent of a PC's display when it is in use. However, the app still has the same animations found in the Windows Phone 8.1 version and can be used by either voice or typed commands.

If Cortana development does gets the full treatment for Threshold, the report says that it will become integrated with the OS as it is currently with Windows Phone 8.1. What do you think about the prospect of Cortana becoming a part of Threshold?

Source: Neowin