Samsung is doing all sorts of cool stuff lately--yesterday we saw their new free printer app and today we have "High Fidelity Position", which "enhances" GPS on Sammy phones.

"Help with pedestrian positioning, especially in areas where GPS is less accurate using other sensors such as accelerometer and compass"

The app has two settings: "Use Sensor Aiding"  where it uses those extra sensors and "GLONASS" or GLObal Navigation Satellite System, developed by the Russians and which you can enable and use at the same time to enhance location availability. (Looks like Sammy is making some new international deals).

What's really interesting though is after you install the "app" it won't show up under Programs but instead it will be listed last under Settings--or rather, this is the first app we've seen that directly modifies or adds on to Settings in Windows Phone. We've seen HTC do this with the Radar/Titan and now Samsung is doing the same, obviously taking advantage of Microsoft's new lenient policy.

Real life experience with it? In Bing Maps, the "circle" around your position which gives the range of variability completely disappears--meaning this is giving us accuracy within a couple of feet. Pretty impressive.

Update: We can confirm that this will only work on Mango devices. Evidently the ability to modify settings is tied to the OS, with only Mango and not NoDo allowing this change.

You can grab "High Fidelity Position" here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Paul, for the tip!