So although many of us here take for granted our relative expertise on WM gadgets (ahem), it turns out we're a smaller minority than you might realize, overhwelmed by the confused masses.

According to a new study the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 48% of respondents say they needed help setting up their devices (enter stage left:

Now some of these results refer to general technology, others specifically computers. However, here are some that are relative to our interests:

  • 38% contacted user support at some time
  • Men (39%) more than women (22%) are more likely to try to fix it themselves
  • 29% of cellphone users had their device fail in the last year
  • 23% of those cellphone users never had them fixed

So this raises the obvious question: What role does WM play in all of this technological frustration?

Unfortunately WM6 Pro is still not user friendly, although Standard & TouchFlow3D go a long way of making it palatable (see Dieter's thoughts on the WM interface), so we surmise that WM probably helps contribute to these frustrations. Still, WM7 and possibly even WM6.5 may go a long way in addressing these concerns.

So next time don't feel bad posting that question in the forums, there are probably a lot of people in your shoes ;-)

[via TechDirt; thanks Ebag333]