Microsoft's huge Surface Hub touchscreen PCs won't start shipping to customers for another few months, but the company has already posted a new video that shows how Windows 10 can be used by its target business audience in meetings and conference rooms.

The video shows how the special UI for the Surface Hub can be used to select a previously scheduled meeting or start one immediately. The rest of the video showcases how it can be used to bring in new people to the meeting remotely, how it can interact with other Windows 10 PCs, either wirelessly or through a cable, and how Windows 10 apps can be used during a Surface Hub meeting.

While Microsoft is still taking pre-orders for the Surface Hub via third-party outlets, it recently announced that shipments of the PC would be delayed from September to January 2016. The 55-inch model is priced at $6,999, while the 84-inch version has a price tag of $19,999.

Source: Windows (YouTube)