surface pro 3

Microsoft continues to promote its Surface Pro 3 12-inch tablet with both a new blog post and video that also brings us a new word in the English language: "Lapability"

In this case, "lapability" references the fact that Microsoft's newest hardware device has a built-in kickstand that can be used in many different positions and angles, versus just the one on the Surface RT and Surface Pro and the two angles available on the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft says:

Surface Pro 3 features a 'continuous' kickstand that uses friction to easily adjust to any angle up to 150 degrees. This obviously allows for a lot of viewing angles on tables and desks of different heights, but it also allows the kickstand to accommodate a lot of different lap positions. A relatively narrow angle is great for a flat lap, while sitting on a couch with legs up on a coffee table is easy with a much wider angle.

If you bought a Surface Pro 3 unit earlier this month, do you like that the kickstand can be used in several different positions?

Source: Microsoft