The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of Skype is now available for everyone to check out on Xbox One. Skype UWP was previously in testing for those in the Xbox Insider Program, and its availability follows the new UWP app dropping its Preview tag earlier this month.

Microsoft launches new universal Skype app on Xbox One

Available to anyone with the Xbox One Creators Update installed, this new version of Skype has been updated with a new, dark look and feel meant to match other Xbox One apps. There are some other goodies in store for Xbox users to check out as well. From Skype:

We've added controller shortcuts, giving you quick access to Skype commands with the tap of a button so you can quickly jump from a video call to a background call and vice versa. Finally, we've added a manual zoom option that gives you control over the Kinect camera during a call, a feature you have been asking for.

If you already have the Skype app installed on your Xbox One, you should be automatically updated to this new version. Otherwise, you can head to the Xbox One Store and install Skype from there. And for more, you can take a look at our early impressions of the new Skype on Xbox One from when it was in testing.

Download Skype at the Windows Store