Windows Phone Central app v4.4

Happy Boxing day everyone! As we come to the end of 2013 we have a little tune up to announce for our Windows Phone app. This is a minor bump for version 4.4 up to revision 12 and you can go download it right now from the marketplace for WP7 and WP8.

Of course if you want to find out exactly what has changed you can stick around and we’ll tell you all about it below. Also don’t forget to go and check out the first sneak preview of our Windows 8 app if you haven’t already, we hope to be releasing that into public beta very soon!

4.4.12 change list

  • Switched Pocket integration to the PocketWP standard to support multiple Pocket clients on Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8 only)

  • Added a “Three mode” that disables certain features which Three UK incorrectly believe is tethering

  • Made the forums image error clearer, provided an easier to tap workaround – (Developer’s note: I am working out a way to resolve this issue but it’s proved much harder than anticipated)

  • Changed the way images are called from the server

  • Fixed rotation lock on the new settings screen

  • Moved the “Load More…” button up to prevent it being hidden behind the app bar

  • A few other minor bug fixes left over from v4.4

Note that if you have any issues saving articles to pocket your copy of Pouch or Squirrel will need updating, if the relevant update is not already showing in your marketplace it will be very soon!

So there you have it. We’re going to get back to working on that Windows 8 app and we’ll leave you all to celebrate the beginning of another year in Windows Phone!