The Rowi team has announced that they've pushed through updates for the popular Windows Phone Twitter app. For those who are out of the loop, there are two versions of Rowi on the store, one for Windows Phone 8 and the other for Windows Phone 7. It can get slightly confusing (especially when both are bumped to new builds), but bear with us as we head on through what's new.

Version 2.3 will be available shortly and includes further support for Windows Phone 7.8 with small and wide tiles, as well as a new tile colour setting. Pretty neat if you're on (or still waiting) for the system update. As for Windows Phone 8, we're now up to version 3.3. This update includes the ability to change the tile to the accent colour of the device, just like in the 7.8 release.

Fairly minor updates, but we'll take the new functionality. You can download Rowi ($1.49) from the Windows Phone Store, as well as the free lite version (links work for both Windows Phone 7 and 8). Thanks, Er. Akshat, for the heads up!

QR: Rowi          QR: Rowi Lite