Microsoft revealed Continuum for Windows 10 phones earlier today at Build 2015, and now a new video shows how this feature will work to turn smartphone apps into ones that can be used well on a big-screen monitor or TV.

The video features Microsoft's operating system division vice president Joe Belifore describing how Continuum will work on Windows 10 for phones. In basic terms, if a smartphone with Windows 10 is hooked up to an external keyboard and also connected to a big screen display, any Windows 10 apps should expand and work as they should if they were being used on a PC, a tablet, or an Xbox One.

Microsoft has already said that Continuum will only work on a select number of Lumia smartphones. There are no details yet on which devices will be supported, but it stands to reason that it may only work on higher end Lumia smartphones with more powerful processors and more memory.

Source: Windows (YouTube)