Lumia Denim

With the Lumia Denim update slowly making its way to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 devices around the world, some users have noticed that the Lumia Camera apps are loading much faster under the Denim update versus smartphones running the older Cyan firmware.

Indeed, Microsoft has promised such speed increases for newer Lumias like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520 due to their chipsets.

The website has posted up two new videos that show just how quick the Lumia Camera apps load on startup on Denim. Both of the videos show a Lumia 1520 running on Denim. The first video shows it trying to load Lumia Camera against a Lumia 930 on Cyan while the second shows the 1520 up against the Lumia 1020, again on Cyan.

As you can see, both videos show that the 1520 with the Denim update loads the Lumia Camera app much quicker. The difference is closer between the 1520 and the 930 on Cyan, but it is much more noticeable when the 1520 goes up against the 1020 on Cyan.

These videos show that the Denim update will be very helpful for photo fans who want to launch their camera apps to get that perfect shot.

Source:; via Reddit