NFL Xbox One app

Along with the Surface Pro 3 tablet upgrades on the field for National Football League teams, fans of pro football will also get a new version of the official Xbox One NFL app that will also be released for Windows 10. The app will have a bunch of new features, including a way for hardcore fans to watch diagrams of game replays, based on data collected from the players on the field.

Polygon reports that starting with the 2015 season, all NFL players will have RFID chips in their shoulder pads. The chips will be used to collect data of each player's position on the field, how fast they move on each play and how much distance has been traveled. That data will be used in creating the virtual replay diagrams on the Xbox One and Windows 10 apps:

"The app will pair replays with virtual overlays that allow users of the NFL app to see exactly how a play went down, from the snap to the whistle. All 22 players on the field are represented with icons indicating their position, and lines show the paths of key participants in the play. The replay plays in a small window in the upper right corner of the screen, and the virtual diagram of the play animates along with the video. Next Gen Stats replays will show up in the NFL app as soon as the video of the play in question hits the NFL website."

The data will also be used to rank players based on their speed and fans will be able to pick which players they think will top the "Afterburner" list before each game, with prizes awarded by Microsoft each week. Both the Xbox One and Windows 10 apps will launch in late August, but only the Xbox One version will be able to show live NFL games from within the app.

Source: Polygon